Samantha Louise Marett is a self-taught abstract artist living in San Diego and working from her studio in Ocean Beach, San Diego.   Samantha is known for her bold & unexpected color palettes and blending watercolor with acrylic paint with various textures on canvas.  Her work is mostly created from palette knives and mark making with highly pigmented colors using the tubes to paint. 

Recently, Sam has been enjoying expanding her portfolio to large scale mural & installation work with local brands & businesses.  Her event design experience as a former wedding planner translates into each project through merchandising and styling to compliment the artwork.   To see Sam's mural work in person please visit: Huxley Salon, Walter & George [Inside James Coffee Co.], and Hair Drezzers on Fire.

I always wanted to be an artist.

There was a long time I didn't think that was possible.  I kinda talked myself out of the dream and into practicality and comfort.   I fell into different chapters that never felt quite right, but I couldn't put my thumb on why or what to do with that feeling.  I've been a waitress, nanny, personal assistant, camp counselor, account executive, and a wedding planner and I've loved and learned through all of those seasons, but this season is my MOST favorite.  It feels the most honest and true and like where I should have been all along.  It feels like home and some place new all the time if that makes any sense.  

I was born and raised in Atlanta and grew up going to the same small liberal arts school from elementary school through graduation.  It was a really special place (hey, The Galloway School) and I am so fortunate to have grown up in such a culture heavy and supportive place.  I can remember most of my art classes and projects so vividly.  I had 3 teachers for elementary, middle, and high school who all left a huge impact on me. 

My elementary teacher Ms. G taught me about Picasso and to embrace mistakes and let myself go wild, always.  My middle school teacher Ms. Collins wore a different colored pair of Doc Martens everyday and taught me printmaking, sculpting, sketching and how cool it looks to wear overalls and have long hair.  My high school teacher Mrs. Dersche let me take ceramics for 4 semesters because I loved it so much and was constantly singing and humming to her art projects.  These women have a very special place in my heart. 

  My family also has a big ole special place in my heart.  I come from a long line of artists and musicians, so the need to create runs deep.  My grandmother was a concert pianist, and my other grandmother was a choir director and produced community musicals in Estes Park, CO.  My Dad is an insanely talented musician and has always continued to explore new mediums & methods for art.  My mom is the salt of the earth and an amazing landscape designer & artist.  That lady drives an F250 and makes it look like a cake walk.  She's my best friend.  I have two knuckle head brothers that I absolutely hit the sibling jackpot with and would do anything for.  When I paint,  I am painting  with my whole damn heart and these people take up a lot of real estate in there. 

I discovered my passion for painting in 2015.  Prior to that, lettering had always been my go to creative outlet.  When I was a wedding planner I did a lot of calligraphy for clients, and bigger projects led me to painting on signs & experimenting with watercolor.  Watercolor had me hooked but not on purpose.  I started to notice all of my warm up strokes and paint mixing on paper were becoming more exciting than the lettering itself.  I would squeal at accidental ink spill patterns and catch myself noticing more beauty and peace in these abnormal shapes and colors.   Making art became my purpose not long after that.  

  I have been lucky enough to call San Diego home now for almost 4 years and it still feels like a vacation.  It's the most beautiful place and I am constantly in awe of the amount of inspiration I get by the simple things like walking around my neighborhood.  There are so many vibrant colors and stunning natural backdrops. I have always been fascinated by colors and textures and inspired by the natural world around me.  The contrast of hues and layers.  Highly pigmented colors.  Finding rhythm in the chaos.  Lines and shapes.  Geometrics and dimension. Clusters and non traditional techniques.  Abstract art gives me the opportunity to have all these things collide in the most messy and wonderful way and I am so grateful do what I do everyday.   

Thank you for supporting my work & the arts.  

Photo by: Where Ally Goes Photography

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