Photos by: Stacy Keck


Samantha Louise Marett is an abstract artist living in San Diego and working from her home studio in Ocean Beach.   Samantha is known for her bold & unexpected color palettes and blending watercolor with acrylic paint and various textures on canvas.  Recently, Sam has been enjoying expanding her portfolio to large scale mural & installation work with local brands & businesses.  To see Sam's mural work in person please visit: Huxley Salon, Walter & George [Inside James Coffee Co.], and Hair Drezzers on Fire.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, but San Diego is home and where my heart is.  I have been lucky enough to call San Diego home now for almost 4 years and it still feels like a vacation.  It's the most beautiful place and I am constantly in awe of the amount of inspiration I get by the simple things like walking around my neighborhood.  There are so many vibrant colors and stunning natural backdrops. I have always been fascinated by colors and textures and inspired by the natural world around me.  The contrast of hues and layers.  Highly pigmented colors.  Finding rhythm in the chaos.  Lines and shapes.  Geometrics and dimension. Clusters and non traditional techniques.  Abstract art gives me the opportunity to have all these things collide in the most messy and wonderful way.  

Photo by: Where Ally Goes Photography

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